Temporary Upgrade: Transfers to External VISA Cards Unavailable

On January 19, 2018, AdvCash informed its users that due to upkeep performed by their partner gateway, you temporarily can’t send out funds to International Visa cards in USD, EUR and GBP. Presently this maintenance work only concerns MasterCard cards. As soon as the maintenance is finished, AdvCash will post a news update.

This news update concerns only withdrawals to global cards. Transfers to Visa/Mastercard cards issued in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan go through other gateways and are not impacted.

AdvCash MasterCard

Remember that you can easily order an AdvCash MasterCard directly through your account dashboard. With an AdvCash Card you can instantly deposit funds on to the card and avoid the fees that occur when withdrawing to International debit cards. Currently, the fee for depositing funds to your AdvCash card is only $0.99 or equivalent in other currencies. Click here to go to AdvCash now to order your card.

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